Secure Data Aggregation, Analytics and Integrations


Gather the right information at the right time

Communities are moving towards Data Driven Change of antiquated systems. Obtaining the right information at the right time is an essential first step. We aggregate data, for our customers, from these three separated sectors and their care teams.


Gain new insights to help individuals and your community

Without reliable data, how can we know and show what’s working? Or what systems or approaches need improvement? To support your quality improvement analysis and reporting, Cloud 9 develops a data strategy and creates a custom analytics dashboard to meet your community’s unique goals. Remember: We cannot manage what we cannot measure. Having access to population health, care coordination and care team utilization metrics is essential. Analytics offer you new insights to solve critical population behavioral health problems for individuals, community systems and budgets.

Here are some examples of success metrics used by our customers for continuous improvement:


  • Increased access and referrals to healthcare and social services
  • Improved clinical outcomes and health maintenance
  • Patient satisfaction surveys

Mental Healthcare Teams

  • Increased time efficiency and reduced “no-shows”
  • Improved efficacy, patient engagement and outcomes
  • Increased reimbursements and value-based care measures

Law Enforcement & Emergency Medical Organizations

  • Faster crisis resolution at the scene or in the ED 
  • Improved response to resistance episodes
  • Reduced misdemeanor arrests and ED admissions

County / City

  • GPS Hot-Spotting of incident categories and location 
  • Return on investment (Employee Efficiency, ED & Jail / Court Diversions)
  • Improved population health metrics


The 21st Century Cures Act (2016) enables the sharing of electronic health information (EHI) between certified IT systems. Based on this legislation, our previously siloed agencies can now “talk to each other ” or share data for better care coordination and to achieve the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Quadruple Aim: 

  • Improve the patient’s healthcare experience
  • Improve patient health
  • Reduce costs for care
  • Maximize the well-being of the care team

Cloud 9 offers secure and reliable data integrations between key community IT systems, such as electronic health records, pharmacies, first responder systems, and social services. Our software delivers value and results as a stand-alone solution that gathers and shares data “internally” among patients and care teams. Capabilities and efficiencies increase with integrations, as software users can update and access (push and pull) information between systems and data sets to improve patient care coordination.


Cloud 9 conforms to industry security standards for HIPAA, 42 CFR & CJIS

Our company is committed to ensuring that Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are secure and kept confidential. Patients voluntarily opt in to receiving needed community services when they sign a digital Informed Consent. The signed consent form allows users to share vital information among their healthcare agencies. However, law enforcement and other non-healthcare teams would not have access to patient’s PHI.

We serve Counties, Cities, Community Mental Health Centers, Substance Use Recovery Centers, Hospitals & Emergency Departments, Social Service Agencies & Schools

Our team is standing by to learn your local needs and share solutions that work.


Cloud 9 is on a mission to deliver mental, physical and social health access to underserved populations.

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